About Us


Want a home makeover, but have a tight interior design budget? Interior redesign is a fast, easy, affordable way to refresh your space using existing furnishings and decor. Redesign updates your space by reimagining, rearranging, and decluttering your own well-loved pieces.


The transition to a smaller residence can be a headache! As you plan your move, I can help you select which items to take, find an estate sale planner, and remove the items you're parting with. 

Setting up a new home

Move right into a new space without the hassle. From picking wall colors to placing furniture and decorative items. I'll make your new home feel welcoming and warm.


Few things are more stressful than having your home on the market. I can help stage your space with the eye of a potential buyer in mind.

Finding new pieces

If you're looking to invest in new design elements, I can help select pieces considering your space requirements and tastes.

Commercial and residential redesign

I can apply my redesign methods to optimize and beautify any space, from large buildings to small studio apartments.